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about us
About Us

We are one of the highly equipped mechanized water tank cleaning company in Bangalore, We have water jetting lorries to clean blocked sewage pipeline, blocked drainage chamber cleaning, apartment basement & Mall's basement cleaning.

quality policy
Quality Policy

In our water tank cleaning industry quality of water is unconditionally very important. Our very basic training to our technicians will start with quality work to customers & safety to themselves. Our quality department keep a check on it day-in & day-out.

our vision
Our Vision

Our ultimate goal is to become a brand name in water tank cleaning which every Indian could trust. We are already a one stop solution for providing Tank cleaning, Sump, Drainage, Pit, Sewage and STP tank cleaning services.

our mission
Our Mission

We are on a mission to maintain a healthy relationship with our customers by keeping their water tanks & Sump tanks clean and tidy. We are ensuring that every water tank we clean should pass all the Scientific measures of a clean water tank.

High Pressure Sewer Jetting

sewer jetting machine A jetting machine is mounted on a lorry or tractor for sucking or jetting the sewage pipeline or the blocked drainage chambers and drainage channels. Used for sucking the blocked sewage residues and other obstructions from the sewage pipeline of residential and commercial buildings.

Water jetting is a way of passing water through a specific type of pipe and nozzles to create water pressure so that we can use the pressured water to clean the surface area of the walls, Basement, and machinery in a factory, to clear the clogged sewage pipeline, blocked drainage chambers and drainage channels. Our professional and experienced team with modern machines is our strength. We are capable of handling from a small individual home sewage line clearing to a mega commercial building sewage pipeline and drainage channels.

Our Services

Water Tank Cleaning

About Us Our strength is Asianet Bangalore, run by a professional and experienced team with modern machines. We are capable of handling from a small individual home sewage line clearing to a mega commercial building sewage pipeline and drainage channels.

Sump Tank Cleaning

Every individual home, every apartment and any commercial building is completely dependent on sump tanks for its water storage need. We must maintain them in a good condition to make sure that we are using contamination free healthy water for our day-to-day needs.

Drainage Cleaning

In every rainy season our metro cities and the small towns in India are flooded because of our bad drainage system & improper maintenance of our drainage lines. If we keep the drainage and rainwater ways clean, our cities will be clean, healthy & traffic free.

Pit Cleaning

Clean the Pit time-to-time so that it should not spread the disease in the surrounding. We should follow a proper schedule to keep a check on it, I.e, Cleaning the pit every year before monsoon or once in six month without fail.

Water Well Cleaning

Well cleaning is a tough job to do, without a Professional team one should not even try to get down to the well. We take all safety measures so that we can get to the depth & make sure that our clients are satisfied with our service.

Sewage Plant Cleaning

Sewage Treatment Plant cleaning is as important as sewage cleaning it self. We have to clean the STP tanks regularly to keep the sewage treatment process functioning hassle free & properly treated water can go to the natural water bodies.


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